Independent Traveler

Please find several different suggestions for getting from the airport to Katog Rit’hrod. Pickup from NW Regional Arkansas/Fayetteville (XNA) depends on the availability of a driver and is not guaranteed.
*** We can always pick you up from Harrison ***

Please contact us at [email protected] prior to booking your flight if you want to be connected with possible drivers. Of course, you are also welcome to make separate plans independently with a friend.

1. Flight to Harrison, Arkansas airport

a) Book your travel to Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW). Book a separate reservation from Dallas to Harrison airport (HRO) using .

b) A private vehicle driver charges a fee of $40 from Harrison to Katog Rit’hrod.

2. Little Rock (LIT), Fayetteville, Arkansas (XNA) or Springfield, MO(SGF) to Harrison, AR by one way car rental

a) Rent a one-way Enterprise car and drive it to Harrison airport (HRO) to deliver it, then we can pick you up from Harrison. Please reference 1. b. and c. above.

b) Latest pick up time 7pm in Harrison

*Approximate rental costs*
-Little Rock (LIT) to Boone County Airport (HRO) ~$125
-NW Regional/Fayetteville (XNA) to HRO ~ $130
-Springfield, MO (SGF) to HRO ~ $125

3. NW Arkansas Airport (XNA) to Katog Rit’hrod

*** By private vehicle - or - by sangha-owned vehicle, please pre-arrange driver

a) Contact a sangha member for a personal pickup, email [email protected] before booking.

b) Flat rate by private car from XNA is $120

c) Stopping to grocery shop possible

d) No pick ups after 5pm

4. Little Rock (LIT) or Springfield, MO (SGF) to Katog Rit’hrod, Parthenon, AR

a) Book yourself in advance for a bus from LIT or SGF to Harrison, AR. Take an Uber to the Jefferson Bus Lines. We will be able to pick you up in Harrison. Please reference 1. b. & c. for cost.

b) Buses run from Little Rock to Harrison as infrequently as once a day, therefore, you may need to overnight in Little Rock, depending on your arrival time.

c) We can pick you up in Harrison as per 1. b.